Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fun Training

This weekend I headed out to San Francisco for work and the Treasure Island Triathlon...well, one of the most worst environmental accidents took place Wednesday where at least 58,000 gallons of oil was spilled into the bay by a ship that hit the Bay Bridge, the guy driving the ship - What a moron!!!

I arrived Thursday afternoon, checked in to the hotel, built up my bike and headed out for a run to Sports Basement to grab some co2...the smell of oil in the air was bad.

Friday morning I heard that the swim portion of the race was canceled and the race would now be a duathlon. I headed over to the race site to check in and check out the expo...the Nissan tent was there, very cool with Lokelai signing autographs. I really like what Nissan is doing, their interaction and execution is so much better than the normal 10x10 tent with some "joe's" standing there...see picture and JetBlue next to Nissan...who has a more authentic, powerful presence?

I listened to the race director talk about the change in the event with no swim...there was going to be no run before the bike for the age groupers, instead each wave would go off beginning o the bike...whoa, basically a crit with a bunch of triathletes with aerobars, NO THANK YOU! I decided that my time would be better spent going for a good ride and taking care of work I had come west to accomplish. So, I called my buddy Jordo to see if he wanted to ride early Saturday and he said that he was going on a group ride starting from the Golden Gate Bridge at 8:00am and I was welcome to join...NICE!
I went out for a quick ride Friday afternoon and rode most of the Alcatraz bike course, I forgot how much that course works you...tere are some hills, but I did notice that they have fixed some of the rough roads, not all, but some...
Saturday morning I met up with Jordo at Peet's Coffee and we headed over to the bridge with a few of his other buddies...we then headed out on the group ride. I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than Jordo mentioning that this was the ride that sold him on moving to SF...we cruised along through Sausalito and then wound our way through a neighborhood called Ross...Jordo, his buddy Jaret and I pulled off at a coffee shack before "the climb" to the reservoir. Jaret was headed back so Jordo and I headed out and began to climb up to the rez, it was spectacular. We started getting close to the top and it began to drizzle, but it felt nice and we got to the rez, beautiful. Jordo then mentioned that we had a bit of a climb to the ridge and the the "seven sisters" of hills. Whoa, that was some climb, I could feel my legs screaming and along the way the drizzle turned into a full on rain storm...we reached the ridge where on a good day you call look out to the ocean, but instead we were in a driving rain storm, wind and no visibility...sweet! We forged on and froze our asses off on the decent, but wow, what an epic ride...I was spent from trying to keep my legs going to keep warm while also concentrating on seeing what was ahead and not sliding out. We closed out the ride with a breakfast sandwich and some hot tea in the water bottle and made our way back across the bridge...(jordo found that spraying the hot tea from the water bottle down his back warmed him up, so we both were dousing ourselves in hot tea on the way back). "Clark, you happy, she's dead!"
Thanks Jordo! amazing ride!

I got back to the hotel and go in the hot shower with all my cycling clothing still on...

I then headed out to Treasure Island for work and the pro duathlon - crashfest! Actually pretty comical...I got wet and cold again and headed back to the hotel.

This morning I woke to clear blue sky...I headed out for a run and made it to the Golden Gate Bridge while the sun was rising, it was amazing. My achilles didn't bother me one bit - I have really been laying off it and taking it easy since having a rough case of achilles tendinitis while training for the NYC Marathon (which I did not run on doctor's orders).

So far I'm pretty happy to have skipped the critathalon and gotten in some great mileage.
Back to NYC tomorrow...

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