Sunday, December 30, 2007

COLD! Training and skiing

On vacation in Vail and man is it cold! Woke up the other morning and it was -10 degrees...We have skied a few days, today was amazing, 8 inches of fresh. I got a good shot of one of the most unique ski suits I have ever seen...whoa!

I have gotten in a little training, swam Wednesday at the Avon Rec Center. A really nice facility with a good pool. I have thrown in a few runs, a difficult thing to do with all the snow and my legs being cooked from skiing all day. I picked up a pair of YaxTrax Pro's and put them on my trail running shoes. These things a re great and make running on treacherous snow and ice much easier.

The snow is really coming down now so the skiing should be great, I've got to go get a run in...

The Plodding Line: Finding a great product to aid in training is always a welcome surprise.
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Cancelled, Delayed...Great Customer Service

Oh the joys of holiday travel...I woke up Sunday morning to a nice rain storm in the city that ended any hope that I might be able to head outside for my bike workout. My legs were feeling pretty good from the hard run workout on Saturday, but I was dreading a two hour session on the trainer.

We were scheduled to fly out Sunday night on JetBlue so we had the whole day to pack, get the dog to the kennel and workout.
I decided to get the trainer boredom and agony over with early so I didn't have it hanging over my head.
I felt pretty good in the initial spin and warm up and got into the first of my three fifteen minute muscle tension intervals. The first one was good, hard, and I could feel some effects from Saturday's run but I knew I would not be on the bike again until after holidays so onward. The second interval hurt more and then the third was a slug-fest with the mind and body wanting to call it quits...I got through it and the final 30 minutes of spinning - Workout done!
The rest of the day went well,we got the dog off to day care and settled on the couch to wait for the car service to pick us up at 6:45pm.
At 5:45 JetBlue called to let me know that our flight had been cancelled and we were rebooked for the same flight the following night, Christmas Eve. This was not going to sit well with the family. After a flurry of calls, we bought new tickets on Continental for the 6:55am flight Monday morning. I have to say that the call from JetBlue was complete surprise and one of the coolest things. I would have gone ballistic if I had schlepped it all the way out to JFK to find the cancelled flight.
The opportunity to rebook and readjust plans from home was huge. The customer service from JetBlue was exceptional!
My wife and I took the new found time to head out and get in some last minute shopping and have a little dinner before turning in for the early morning wake up. We headed through Lincoln Center and got to see the Christmas Tree.
5:30am - Newark...oh joy...lines, lines, lines...I think I found the Little Miss Sunshine family with dad as the last Members Only member, too funny!
Checked in, through security, so happy to have the Continental Presidents Club access...your flight is delayed to 9:22am...great!
Well, at least we have a comfortable place to eat, read and wait out the delay (mandatory crew rest).
Still here, do we make it to Colorado?...stay tuned...
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Friday, December 14, 2007


In all of my training, I'm not sure I have ever been this legs are numb, not sore, not achey, just plain numb as it no feeling.

It is sort of a nice feeling, mean I've been training hard and will be getting stronger.

It started with my long run on Wednesday, then my coach said "Ok, you have two days of cycling muscle tensions, I want you to turn it up a notch because you have a rest day Saturday." I turned it up yesterday and got some great power results, back on the bike this morning and got through two intervals strong them limped home in the final three with leg muscle failure. It was a great feeling to be done with the workouts and looking forward to some couch time tomorrow as it snows and I have been instructed "keep off your feet as much as possible and hydrate." Nothin I like better than sleeping on the couch with my wife a dog nearby drinking tea and water watching bad movies...

So far, three weeks in, there is a marked difference working with a coach. I cannot wait to keep making gains and having days like this...
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Long Run Day

I'm an early bird...up at 4:00am everyday.
I drink coffee, read emails, stretch, do a little yoga, visit the home office and then head out for my workouts.
Today was long run day...1:40. It was nice to actually run outside this morning, the weather was mild at 49 degrees. I had a pretty good run.
I love the ice bath cold, but works so well!
The SRM is working great, I'm still not entirely sure how to properly work it, but it is giving the data that my coach needs...
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It is ON!

I finally signed up for some real training this year with CTS. I'm pretty fired up to be working with Nick White, who also coaches Craig Alexander (finished 2nd in this year's Ironman World Championships).
I am going to try to keep a consistent blog of how things progress as I look to St. Croix Ironman 70.3 and the big one, Ironman Lake Placid.
The training began as soon as I stuffed the last piece of pie in my mouth from Thanksgiving and has been consistent up to this point, about 10 hours a week. I did get in a few nice rides during the Thanksgiving break, it was weird because the leaves are changing so late here in NY...
I received my SRM powermeter this week and got it installed. I rode the trainer this morning with it and need to get to know how this thing works to get the most benefit from it.
The first couple of months of training will be boring with a lot of trainer and treadmill time so don't look for anything too cool from me, but I will try to keep it fun with other things...
Here goes....
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