Sunday, December 30, 2007

COLD! Training and skiing

On vacation in Vail and man is it cold! Woke up the other morning and it was -10 degrees...We have skied a few days, today was amazing, 8 inches of fresh. I got a good shot of one of the most unique ski suits I have ever seen...whoa!

I have gotten in a little training, swam Wednesday at the Avon Rec Center. A really nice facility with a good pool. I have thrown in a few runs, a difficult thing to do with all the snow and my legs being cooked from skiing all day. I picked up a pair of YaxTrax Pro's and put them on my trail running shoes. These things a re great and make running on treacherous snow and ice much easier.

The snow is really coming down now so the skiing should be great, I've got to go get a run in...

The Plodding Line: Finding a great product to aid in training is always a welcome surprise.

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