Friday, December 14, 2007


In all of my training, I'm not sure I have ever been this legs are numb, not sore, not achey, just plain numb as it no feeling.

It is sort of a nice feeling, mean I've been training hard and will be getting stronger.

It started with my long run on Wednesday, then my coach said "Ok, you have two days of cycling muscle tensions, I want you to turn it up a notch because you have a rest day Saturday." I turned it up yesterday and got some great power results, back on the bike this morning and got through two intervals strong them limped home in the final three with leg muscle failure. It was a great feeling to be done with the workouts and looking forward to some couch time tomorrow as it snows and I have been instructed "keep off your feet as much as possible and hydrate." Nothin I like better than sleeping on the couch with my wife a dog nearby drinking tea and water watching bad movies...

So far, three weeks in, there is a marked difference working with a coach. I cannot wait to keep making gains and having days like this...

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