Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bronx Biathlon Report

The week leading up to this race I told myself "If it is cold and raining this is a no go, no need to risk illness and/or road rash right before St. Croix." HA!

I woke up Sunday morning and it was raining and about 42 degrees...perfect! I was already awake at 4:00am so why not go to the race and see what happens, but be cautious.

As I drove out of the city the rain intensified and the sky got darker, but by then I was in pre-race mode and excited to throw down some fast miles on the bike and see if I could run anything decent after.

I registered, racked my bike and went out for a warm up run, it was pretty chilly.

The course was a 3 mile run followed by a 20 mile fast bike course and then repeat the 3 mile run. I got up near the front for the start and when the gun went ff saw a bunch of people sprinting past me...
Within the first quarter mile I caught and passed a bunch of people who shot out a bit fast and just missed the top two guys break off the front, so I was running in third all alone. Felt good on the run and blitzed through T1.

This was the first ride with my new disk wheel and with the wet roads and wind I took it easy, but kept the power on. The course had a metal grated drawbridge crossing that was treacherous. We got to cross that 4 times. I made up a little ground on 2nd place but not enough. I hit T2 and blasted out for the run, there was no catching 1st or 2nd so I looked to see where 4th was and never saw the guy. So, I went pretty hard on the run but was never pushed or chasing a rabbit.

I ended up 3rd and was very happy to have gotten in a strong effort before taking off to St. Croix.

Run #1 - 0:16:53 06:02 min/mi
T1 - 00:37
Bike - 0:48:53 24.6mph
T2 - 00:28
Run #2 - 0:17:27 06:14min/mi
Total - 1:24:17

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