Sunday, April 20, 2008

Did I say this is fun?!?!

There is nothing like Boston Marathon weekend, and especially this year with the Women's Olympic Marathon Trials contested this morning.
One woman took it out right from the gun and was flat out flying until Deanna Kastor hit the gas and blew by her on the last lap, she ended finished second making the team, it was a courageous move to be the rabbit all morning.
It has been a busy weekend with our work programs and trying to fit in some quality workouts. As I landed in Boston late Friday night, my coach had sent me my new running pace limits and they knocked my socks off. So, Saturday was my 2hour run day and I had to use the new pace guides...oh boy. I started off good and felt good. I was running around the Charles River path and I have to say Boston is a very disappointing place to run because the path is continually interrupted by stoplights.
Anyway, I headed west, up the river, and was making good time. I started a steady state interval as I made the turn to head back east...wham, a nice stiff headwind! I powered through the rest of the run, but definitely felt a little jet lag in the legs.
Today, I headed out for a long ride, again Boston is not a good place to ride...the roads are brutal and it takes a bit to get out of town to hit country roads that are in bad shape. I busted out a little over 70miles. The legs felt pretty good, fatigued from yesterday's run but I feeling strong on the bike.
Off to Chicago tomorrow morning, let the tapering for St. Croix begin!

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