Monday, April 14, 2008

South Beach Race Report - Great Race!

Alright, so the first test of the season went pretty well, Ive definitely found some speed and power on the bike and have found improvement going from the bike to the run, but not good, the quest to improve continues...
First, I have to say last week was a crazy week with work that included a last minute day trip to Detroit on Thursday for a meeting with Dodge. This through off my entire plan for getting my last bike workout and packing for my early Friday morning flight to Miami. I got home late evening Thursday night, jammed out a few laps through traffic and all the people out enjoying the first spring day in Central Park, got home to eat and pack all my gear.
For this race I took all the equipment I am planning on using in St. Croix other than wheel selection as my new Zipp 808's and disk have not arrived yet.
I got into Miami around 1:00pm on Friday, very lucky that my American flight was one of the ones flying last week, picked up my bike, got the rental car and headed off t the hotel. I was happy to see that the hotel was just a few blocks from the event site...grabbed some lunch and started to try and acclimatize to the heat and humidity.
Friday night was a VIP party for sponsors, celebrities and pro athletes. I got the chance to talk with Chris Lieto...What a stud! Probably one of the nicest, down to earth guys I have come across. We chatted about his new company Base Performance and training. I took a lot from the conversation, especially his take on fitting training into a busy life. Thank Chris!
Saturday morning I slept in, had a nice big breakfast and let the day heat up a little bit before heading out for some training. I set out around 9am for a run on the run course, a super flat out and back on the boardwalk of South Beach. I was really feeling the heat and humidity, my heart rate got up there trying to keep my body cooled. I got back to the hotel and headed out on the bike to spin the legs out and make sure everything was set up right for the race. I remember saying to myself "oh boy! the Pino feels fast!"
I spent the rest of Saturday hydrating, resting and a little time at the expo. Saturday night was the pasta party which we stayed for a little bit of and then moved on to a restaurant for dinner. A good chicken dinner with a small glass of wine is the pre-race norm...calm the nerves. Got back to the hotel and set up for the morning, set the alarm for 4:00am and hit the hay around 10pm.
Race DAY!
Got up, drank a bottle of water and ate a PowerBar. Stated my stretching/yoga routine and had a little coffee with a bagel. Headed for the race site, which opened at 5:30 and got a good rack spot, 2nd bike off the isle. Set up transition, walked the in's and out's, practiced my T1 and T2 routine and headed out to the water.
Got in a good warm up swim, 7:00am the star spangled banner and down the beach to the start. I felt good, no nerves just excitement to get going. The Pro/celebrity wave took off at 7:15 and my wave was set for 7:30.
Toed the line in the sand...

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