Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Cigarette and a Red Bull

Motivating to get out of the office and into the pool some days is a bit of a challenge. Not sure what it is; the undressing and redressing; the getting wet part; or I'm just lazy.

I didn't need too much motivation today as I had a great pool session on Tuesday and am feeling really confident in my swim, but as I was walking over to the YMCA I saw a guy, well dress business professional, sit at a bench with his Red Bull and light up a cigarette...I had to chuckle and mutter to myself, "at least I'm not that guy!" A little extra motivation to put the hammer down in the pool and continue this tough week.
Today's pool session wasn't as good as Tuesday but I'm pretty fast in the water right now.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I hate gardening...

Oh man, what a weekend in the Catskills!

The Pool family left the city about 4:00pm Friday afternoon and took our super-secret route up north to miss a good deal of the traffic on the Thruway...again less than 3 hours door-to-door...

I took my TT bike up to simulate LP with my training miles with a long run to brick ride Saturday, a Long ride to brick run Sunday and to top it all off an "overload day" as my coach called it on Monday.

While I headed out for my workouts, my wife and dog did a little planting, and when I say a little, I mean a little. When I got back it was "I'm pregnant and tired, can you finish planting my trees?!?!?"
I hate gardening...I hate bugs, I hate digging, I hate allergies...I love to admire what a great job our landscaper does with the mowing and making our property look great and I do not want to infringe on his territory...

Needless to say, I planted the rest of the trees, sneezed my ass off, got eaten alive and got blisters, BUT did manage to enjoy a couple late afternoon beers.

My Saturday run was good, I ran with my new Garmin 405...pretty cool but the pace clock is always a little off only when yo download the data do you get the true pace. I ran just to get the prescribed 2 hours and fifteen minutes in and didn't really worry about pace or distance, I hit some pretty cool back roads. A good reverse brick ride after.

Sunday's long ride was set to be a 4 and one half hour affair...I set out pretty early and went pretty hard. My legs were a little beat up from the run but I got in some good efforts with one long ass climb back into town. When I was rolling back into town I saw a bear cross the road in front of me and hang out eating birdseed at this poor woman's house (she was on the porch and ran inside when she say the bear). He was just a baby and so cool looking.

Monday's "overload day" was just that and left me completely shelled. My wife asked me to go on a walk with her and I couldn't go because I knew once I made it down the big hill by the house there was no way I could get back up it...

It is great the weather has turned the corner and I'm hoping for some good non-cold weather gear training for the next few weeks!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Long Miles for Lake Placid

Back at it...the hangover has worn off and life is at full tilt.

My mother was in the city this past weekend and so we entertained her and had a pretty cool weekend in the city, but I'm ready to get to our house up-state for some good relaxation and training.

The terrain up there is just like Lake Placid and will be good for me to get accustomed to before the big day. We'll be headed there for the Memorial day weekend and I cannot wait!

This past weekend ended up pretty strong with a few good workouts early in the morning then a lot of family time in the afternoons and night.

Saturday I headed out for my 2 hour run with some fun intervals and felt a bit sluggish but kept a pretty good pace to the end, right after that I jumped on the bike for an hour spin through the weekend chaos of Central Park, no hard efforts there.

Sunday was a nice 4+ hour ride up through Nyack and Bear Mountain. I have the Hydrotail on my bike (which I never put anything in it during St Croix as aid stations kept me filled up and no need for the extra weight) and launch a bottle on the ride and remained distracted for the rest of the ride that more bottle might launch.

I spent some time talking with a friend of mine about on bike hydration for LP and is the Hydrotail really necessary?...we came to the conclusion that it is not necessary due to the aid stations being about every 10 miles on, off comes the Hydrotail.

Oh, I almost forgot, my brother put together some cool new kits for his 303 Racing Team out of Denver. I got a few things and have been rocking the Burberry inspired look...pretty sweet gear, I post some picks when I get the chance...
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Back from St. Croix and the nice vacation after the race...
I'm feeling a bit of a hangover trying to get back into all the things going on at work and back into the training schedule...I feel lethargic and tired.
Being in St. Croix after the race was amazing, I could get up and train in the mornings, hit the killer buffet at the hotel, rest and then go for an adventure on the island with my wife. This work thing really gets in the way, HAHA!

I skipped my long run over the weekend and swimming on Monday, but I'm slowly getting back into a rhythm and hope to be back feeling good by this weekend.

I think after gearing up for a big race with the travel, the equipment and the race there always tends to be a let-down and loss of some motivation after. Everything is so hyper sensitive beforehand and the excitement is building there is nowhere else to go but down after the event. Staying in St. Croix the week after certainly lessened the harsh reality of getting back to work and help the mind and body ease off the the event hype.
I'm signed up for next year's St Croix event and the hotel is booked!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Tough day with a bit of a silver lining

This race and island threw everything it had at us yesterday...

We woke to clear skies and howling winds, the water was rough to say the least (good for me, bad for others)...The swim was a battle, not against other people, but the swells and whitecaps made sighting a bit difficult...I exited the water in 31:16, I think about 6th in my age group wave.

Good quick transition and off on the bike...I felt great and was settling into a good power range, then the rains started and nothing sounds worse than carbon fiber and skin hitting the pavement. I didn't go down but proceeded with caution as our first lap wound through town and I narrowly missed one dude who took a corner a little too fast. I got to the "The Beast" feeling good and getting a mental boost by catching female pro Amanda Lovato. The Beast climb is .7 miles with an average grade of 17%, 20% in places, this is truly brutal...I made it up it in about 7 minutes, my legs were screaming...a long nasty decent and it began to pour rain and I mean sheets and buckets. I hunkered down and hoped for the best as my brakes were of no use...on to the back side of the island and the head wind, I felt like I was standing still and making no progress...I end the bike in 2:43:28, again I think it was 6th fastest for my age group, I was hoping to be in the 2:30's but error on the side of caution to keep it on the road..

My favorite part...the run...the skies had cleared and the heat and humidity set in as I put down a 7:12 first mile, I hammered along feeling like I could make up for the explosion on last year's pace slowed as my legs and body gave way to the heat a bit and I was mentally struggling and I saw my dream goal of qualification for the Ironman World Championships in Kona slip away...I somehow kept it all together and found some speed for the final few miles as I could see on my watch that I was close to my next goal of breaking 5 - 1:47:19 in the age group 15th...

Not to be, I crossed the line in 5:02:03...58th Overall and 7th in my age group overall.

The silver lining:
I did not need an IV after this years race and felt like I executed a good nutrition plan
The conditions were more difficult than last year and I shaved 30 minutes from my time...
I qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida held in November!!!

Now time to relax and enjoy some vacation...thanks for the support!
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