Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Back from St. Croix and the nice vacation after the race...
I'm feeling a bit of a hangover trying to get back into all the things going on at work and back into the training schedule...I feel lethargic and tired.
Being in St. Croix after the race was amazing, I could get up and train in the mornings, hit the killer buffet at the hotel, rest and then go for an adventure on the island with my wife. This work thing really gets in the way, HAHA!

I skipped my long run over the weekend and swimming on Monday, but I'm slowly getting back into a rhythm and hope to be back feeling good by this weekend.

I think after gearing up for a big race with the travel, the equipment and the race there always tends to be a let-down and loss of some motivation after. Everything is so hyper sensitive beforehand and the excitement is building there is nowhere else to go but down after the event. Staying in St. Croix the week after certainly lessened the harsh reality of getting back to work and help the mind and body ease off the the event hype.
I'm signed up for next year's St Croix event and the hotel is booked!

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