Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Long Miles for Lake Placid

Back at it...the hangover has worn off and life is at full tilt.

My mother was in the city this past weekend and so we entertained her and had a pretty cool weekend in the city, but I'm ready to get to our house up-state for some good relaxation and training.

The terrain up there is just like Lake Placid and will be good for me to get accustomed to before the big day. We'll be headed there for the Memorial day weekend and I cannot wait!

This past weekend ended up pretty strong with a few good workouts early in the morning then a lot of family time in the afternoons and night.

Saturday I headed out for my 2 hour run with some fun intervals and felt a bit sluggish but kept a pretty good pace to the end, right after that I jumped on the bike for an hour spin through the weekend chaos of Central Park, no hard efforts there.

Sunday was a nice 4+ hour ride up through Nyack and Bear Mountain. I have the Hydrotail on my bike (which I never put anything in it during St Croix as aid stations kept me filled up and no need for the extra weight) and launch a bottle on the ride and remained distracted for the rest of the ride that more bottle might launch.

I spent some time talking with a friend of mine about on bike hydration for LP and is the Hydrotail really necessary?...we came to the conclusion that it is not necessary due to the aid stations being about every 10 miles on, off comes the Hydrotail.

Oh, I almost forgot, my brother put together some cool new kits for his 303 Racing Team out of Denver. I got a few things and have been rocking the Burberry inspired look...pretty sweet gear, I post some picks when I get the chance...

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