Monday, May 5, 2008

Tough day with a bit of a silver lining

This race and island threw everything it had at us yesterday...

We woke to clear skies and howling winds, the water was rough to say the least (good for me, bad for others)...The swim was a battle, not against other people, but the swells and whitecaps made sighting a bit difficult...I exited the water in 31:16, I think about 6th in my age group wave.

Good quick transition and off on the bike...I felt great and was settling into a good power range, then the rains started and nothing sounds worse than carbon fiber and skin hitting the pavement. I didn't go down but proceeded with caution as our first lap wound through town and I narrowly missed one dude who took a corner a little too fast. I got to the "The Beast" feeling good and getting a mental boost by catching female pro Amanda Lovato. The Beast climb is .7 miles with an average grade of 17%, 20% in places, this is truly brutal...I made it up it in about 7 minutes, my legs were screaming...a long nasty decent and it began to pour rain and I mean sheets and buckets. I hunkered down and hoped for the best as my brakes were of no use...on to the back side of the island and the head wind, I felt like I was standing still and making no progress...I end the bike in 2:43:28, again I think it was 6th fastest for my age group, I was hoping to be in the 2:30's but error on the side of caution to keep it on the road..

My favorite part...the run...the skies had cleared and the heat and humidity set in as I put down a 7:12 first mile, I hammered along feeling like I could make up for the explosion on last year's pace slowed as my legs and body gave way to the heat a bit and I was mentally struggling and I saw my dream goal of qualification for the Ironman World Championships in Kona slip away...I somehow kept it all together and found some speed for the final few miles as I could see on my watch that I was close to my next goal of breaking 5 - 1:47:19 in the age group 15th...

Not to be, I crossed the line in 5:02:03...58th Overall and 7th in my age group overall.

The silver lining:
I did not need an IV after this years race and felt like I executed a good nutrition plan
The conditions were more difficult than last year and I shaved 30 minutes from my time...
I qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida held in November!!!

Now time to relax and enjoy some vacation...thanks for the support!

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