Friday, June 20, 2008

Chase Corporate Challenge

The day began with an hour and a half ride in Central Park with "Climbing Repeats" on the anyone knows, there are no "climbing hills" in Central Park so I ask my coach and he said just try to follow the power ranges , cadence and heart rate outline as a Climbing Repeat Interval.

I got through the first two interval and went really hard on #3 which made my legs scream that there was no way I was doing the breakdown:

SRM #1:
Duration: 7:57
Work: 191 kJ
TSS: 17.6 (intensity factor 1.152)
Norm Power: 415
VI: 1.03
Pw:HR: 12.69%
Pa:HR: -14.53%
Distance: 3.225 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 671 401 watts
Heart Rate: 113 158 147 bpm
Cadence: 67 95 80 rpm
Speed: 14.5 34.7 24.3 mph

SRM #2:
Duration: 7:42
Work: 183 kJ
TSS: 16.6 (intensity factor 1.136)
Norm Power: 409
VI: 1.03
Pw:HR: 13.75%
Pa:HR: -18.3%
Distance: 3.182 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 162 662 397 watts
Heart Rate: 121 159 151 bpm
Cadence: 64 93 79 rpm
Speed: 15.6 33.4 24.8 mph

SRM #3:
Duration: 7:12
Work: 184 kJ
TSS: 20.4 (intensity factor 1.304)
Norm Power: 469
VI: 1.1
Pw:HR: 21.73%
Pa:HR: -12%
Distance: 3.201 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 982 426 watts
Heart Rate: 136 169 161 bpm
Cadence: 63 104 89 rpm
Speed: 18.8 35.2 26.7 mph

I was pretty well cooked after that workout, but I had signed up for the Corporate Challenge with the Rodale team. A 3.5 mile run was not sounding good and I wasn't sure my legs would respond, but I got over to the start after a little warm up run from the apartment and figured I'd go for it and go as far as I could to top off the training week.

I caught up with Anthony Rodale at the start line and we got a chance to catch up...Anthony did St. Croix and is signed up for 2009. The rain started to fall right as the horn sounded and I took off trying to navigate through the masses and get some clear road. I hammered away and hit the first mile in just under 6:00, still feeling strong I power through the race with a 21:10 finishing time...I was really happy with that effort considering it was a big day.
My good friend and coworker from Runner's World, Kathleen Jobes, won the women's race. She placed 53rd in the US Olympic Trials this past spring...super talented runner.
Well, it's a rest day and I'm looking at my workout schedule for the weekend and it is brutal...

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