Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Light at the end...

This is it...the last really tough week before the taper!
Time flies when you are suffering.

This past weekend, I did my last really long run, 3 hours in the hilly terrain of the Catskills. I felt really good and strong. I made it through the three hours and felt good.

I'm off to Portland, Bend, Eugene Oregon this weekend where I will run in the Pacific Crest Half-Marathon in Bend on Saturday and then ride the LiveStrong 100-mile ride on Sunday. All the while I will be working and shuttling to Eugene for the USA Track and Field Olympic Trials...check out our program site here: http://www.mastertheshift.com/ and our team picture from the Austin LiveStrong ride last year.
Then the 4th of July weekend at our house in the Catskills for some rest and relaxation.

On the road again...

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