Friday, June 27, 2008

Airports, traveling and the old people next to me

Maybe it is just the cynic in me or I travel too much, but with the current state of the travel industry it seems that airports have become breeding grounds for idiots and the worst our nation has to offer. What happened to treating people with respect? Consumers treat airline employees like shit, while granted some of these employees are not the best and brightest and deserve a little harassing at times, but no one deserves what travellers are dishing out these days.

Additionally, what used to be a sanctuary of peace and quiet; a great place to get some work done - the frequent flier clubs - have become virtual nurseries. I'm used to the influx of kids out of school for the summer traveling with their parents, but the number of screaming, running and generally obnoxious kids running through the clubs these days seems to be high.

Yes, poor me...ah, it's early and I'm in the Continental Presidents Club waiting for my flight to Oregon. I'm really looking forward to this weekend for a few reasons:
1. I'm running the Pacific Crest half-marathon tomorrow and riding in the LiveStrong Challenge 100-miler Sunday.
2. This marks the end of the big training for IMLP and Monday is the start of the taper!

Oh sweet, the old lady and he husband are reading the newspaper out loud to one another!
"Honey, Russia beat Spain yesterday."
"I know."
"They play Germany in the finals."
"I know"
"Roddick lost"
"I didn't know Russia and Spain were at war."
"No, they were playing soccer."
"Who cares."

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