Monday, June 16, 2008

No racing this weekend...

With the long weekend of training and the big storms that rolled through Saturday night, I felt like racing the sprint race Sunday morning was not the best decision. Instead, I headed out and logged 2 hours on the bike (much more productive than less than an hour racing).

I had a terrible run on Saturday in the heat and humidity, had a sweat rate fast than I could get fluids...yikes!

So, I'm a little tired and worn out today with a 3500yard swim on the schedule which I'm debating doing...need a little mental day.

Good news this morning is that my father-in-law has just been cleared for the transplant. This will start on June 23rd. He will go into isolation and can see family only. He will have full access to emails, phone, stationary bike and TV. He will be in for a minimum of 21 days. This is the most life threatening part of the treatment. He has actually responded quite well to all the treatments to date so our hope is that his body is tough enough to take these lethal doses of chemo and the transplant combined. Within 2 weeks of the procedure we will know if he is out of the danger zone and headed down a path of recovery. Then at some point once he is through the entire protocol there will be a new body scan and round of testing and we will know if it worked.

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