Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in the saddle

Recovering from LP has had its ups and downs.

Monday after the race was mellow and I felt pretty good, just a little soreness and fatigue, but was mostly still getting the benefits of the race adrenaline. Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday were a different story...I have never felt worse than those three days. I could not eat, sleep or concentrate even though I was hungry and exhausted. I started to come around Thursday night at dinner, and ever since things have been on the up and up.

This past weekend, the prescription for training was to do nothing. It was really weird to have nothing on the schedule and not preparing for a big ride and run. Instead I went out sailing and drank beer.

This week, I get back to a little training with some light easy stuff. I'm ready and looking forward to sweating and being active again.

Next stop, Nations Triathlon in Washington DC.

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