Monday, August 18, 2008

False start...?

Last week was to be "go time" and the week got off to a good start, but late in the week travel, fatigue and maybe some laziness dominated the schedule.
I had a couple of really good early week workouts, still ditching the pool sessions because swimming during lunch at the YMCA while they have youth summer camp is a bit like trying to do laps in the caddyshack pool...
Late last week I had to head to Chicago to give a 4-hour presentation on sponsorship for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) and I had to spend all my available time finishing that presentation.

I flew back to NYC Friday and what was suppose to be a 2+ hour flight turned into a 7-hour ordeal with a lot of circling and a stop in Harrisburg, PA to refuel. Got home late Friday night and needed some sleep.
Spent Saturday with my wife and dog, sleeping til noon and then a picnic in the park followed by some tasks around the apartment to complete the move in.
Sunday, I got out for a great 2+ hour ride across the GWB followed by a good brick 25 minute run. Lunch at the 79th Street Boat Basin and some good puppy playtime. So, Sunday got the blood pumping again and I'm eager to have a good week leading into the LiveStrong 100-miler in Philly on Sunday.
A few observations from the (mostly on the 9W route home) ride on Sunday:
1. To the guy I passed on the left side going about 25mph after yelling "on your left" twice - your wife (or whomever was riding your wheel) clearly heard me, take the earphones out, and the screaming "ASSHOLE" at me = CLASSY!
2. Not sure what people's aversion to riding on the right is...
3. The oh so "pro" wannabes who think not wearing a helmet is cool - buddy, on 9W with those people and cars - I guess it is your melon, but pretty irresponsible!

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