Monday, August 18, 2008

Product Review - Oakley Radar (Positive Red Polarized Path Lens)

This is a long overdue review of a product that is a "must have."

I had the opportunity to do a triathlon segment on the local Fox news station in NYC the Wednesday before Ironman Lake Placid. As part of the segment and for the race, my good friends at Oakley hooked me up with the new Oakley Radars with Positive Red Polarized Path Lens.

Right out of the box, these glasses look cool and fast. Once on, they are comfortable and the lens is outstanding. I was really excited for a good day at IMLP to try these things out.

I used them on my final run and bike workouts to check how they were in different light conditions...they made everything so clear that the road and its imperfections popped right out.

On race day, the weather was unbelievably bad with rain and clouds.

As I was riding along I could not tell you the number of people I saw who were constantly messing with their glasses, had them stuffed in a pocket or discarded them to the ground. I never had to give the Oakley's a second thought. The hydrophobic lens had the water just sheeting off and the polarization kept everything crystal clear.

This piece of equipment was the hero of the day, I just wish my results could have been better to match.
Worth every penny to make sure you have great eye protection!

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