Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very Easy....Very Hard...

There is a very interesting post on Slowtwitch that has had me thinking:

"So I am at a party where a number of folks just became aware that I am an Ironman-I am asked what are the distances -as I explain each leg the "oohs and ahhs" and "thats incredible" are rolling in (I am enjoying my rock star moment) it crescendos when I explain that the last leg is a marathon... then a guy who was speaking another group at the party turns around with irritation in his voice and says " I read that a 70 year old nun does that event, how hard can it be?" That is Ironman Deflation. What prompted this post is a great quote I just read in another post: "Ironmans are very easy to finish, very hard to race". That is a secret which should be closely guarded..... "

Some of the response are very good and insightful...Having finished the Ironman earlier this summer, my first reaction was, how very true. But, now that I've read some of the other posts and thought about the Ironman in the context of life, I'm thinking this:

Wouldn't a better secret be? "It's very easy to reach a finish line and get through life with mediocrity, but very challenging to maintain the dedication and passion to race past mediocrity to be at the the front of the pack."

I'll continue to think about it...
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Austin 5K & 90-miler

A 5K and 90-mile ride this weekend in Austin at the LiveStrong Challenge events. The 5K went well, I finished 11th. Sunday was the ride and I had a goo time, pretty slow in the beginning and then I took off from our group and put down a little effort.
Feeling pretty up NYC Marathon and Ironman 70.3 World Championships.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My first attempt at a mountain bike race. I've raced on the dirt before but as part of an off-road triathlon/duathlon.

I had a great time, got out of my comfort zone and learned a ton about what I can do on the bike and navigating tough terrain. This was a much better workout than spending three hours on the road or tri bike.

The race was the Riedlbauer's Round Top Rally as part of the NYS Catskill MTB Series. The event was really well done and the course was well designed. It was a perfect morning, about 38 degrees, clear blue sky and the leaves were in peak color.

I have no idea what my result was and I really am not concerned with that as I just wanted to get out and go hard on my bike for the full three laps. I started out at the back of my age group and I was pretty slow on the first lap as I had not been on the course and did not know what to expect, i picked it up on the second lap and corrected the mistakes I made previously and on the third lap I went all out, scaring myself in a few places and pushing hard to the end.

I was rocking the Team 303 Racing kit that my brother, Hank, created for his group in Colorado, it is pretty stylish and I got a lot of comments on it.

Two weekends down, no baby and I'm feeling good...although I think I feel a cold coming on...
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Beach Half Marathon

I had to be out in Long Beach for the marathon event so I decided to run the half. I have been training very little, if you can event call it training. So, I formulated a conservative plan to go out and run at a comfortable pace for the first 6-7 mile and then see if I had anything to push it to the end. I was just hoping to be under a 1:40 and thinking if all went right I'd go under 1:35.
I had a good morning, my hotel was less than 1/2 a mile from the start, ate a good breakfast stretched and relaxed. About 7:15am I ran from the hotel to the start line and seeded myself toward the front as there were a ton of people...the gun went off about 7:40 and I started out too fast, 1st mile was a 6:33, 2nd a 6:39 and 3rd a 6:36...I was just waiting for the detonation..

But, I held on and ran pretty consistently to the end...I did start to feel sluggish about mile 11 to the end but held on to finish in 1:27:53. My PR is a 1:27:00 so I was pretty happy to see that all my work over the summer had stuck with me a bit...One weekend down.
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NYC TV Debut

I made my NYC Television debut this summer on the local FOX news station. It is always weird to see yourself on TV especially trying to talk fast and simply about gear and the sport of triathlon...enjoy!
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Win or Go Home...Come on!

Darren Rovell of CNBC Sports Business blogged about Lance's return to cycling yesterday and I sent him an email reply...


I think you are being a bit shortsighted here...not everyone "wins" their battle against cancer, but isn't it still important to fight? If Lance indeed comes back and does not win the tour de France it still sends a message to those in their battle against cancer that being up to the fight and never giving up is the most important thing. The yellow bracelet may only signify winning to you but, to millions of people around the world the message of yellow bracelet goes beyond the field of competitive cycling to signify a fight and the unwavering passion to never give up.

Secondly, Lance coming back to the sport of cycling is a boost to an industry that helps get people off the couch and out doing something healthy. I, too, have spent time with Lance and that time has been on the bike where he truly seems to be at peace and able to ride with the general public. Lance IS an icon and means so much to so many different people, why discourage him in pursing something he wants and loves to do?

Lastly, my bet is that when Lance's career comes to an end he will be more proud of a legacy that defines him as the founder of the Lance Armstrong Foundation - an organization that was instrumental in finding a cure for cancer, than, a 7, 8 or 9-time Tour de France winner.

My message to Lance...
Lance Armstrong Come Out and Fight - Please
"Good for you, go for it, come back and lay it on the line! Your passion and determination, whatever the result, will inspire and enable many millions to do the same."


VP, Sports Marketing & Events
ph: 212.808.1362
cell: 917.520.7411
"inspire and enable people to improve their lives and the world around them"
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Potential Schedule

October and November could be a very busy month...

Sunday, October 12 - Long Beach Half Marathon

Sunday, October 19 - NYS Catskill MTB Series, Riedlbauer`s Round Top Rally

Saturday, October 25 - LiveStrong Challenge 5K

Sunday, October 26 - LiveStrong Challenge 90-Mile Ride

Sunday, November 2 - New York City Marathon

Friday, November 7 - PEANUT DUE DATE!!!

Saturday, November 8 - Ironman 70.3 World Championships

Of course all of this hidges on that November 7th date and when we welcome the new addition to our family
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Bike Racing

I figured since I did the first CRCA race in Central Park back in March, I should close it out by doing the final race a few weekends ago. I find those races to be pretty entertaining. Most guys just sit in and wait for the bunch sprint/crash at the end and do nothing to mix it up over the 5 laps around Central Park. Me on the other hand...I go out to RACE my bike and get in a hard workout, so I play yo-yo off the front.

This last race was no exception. Right on the first lap I bridged up to two guys taking a flyer on Harlem Hill and we stayed away for a bit, only two of us were working with the third dude just hanging on the back because his team was in contention for the team points overall win and I'm sure he knew he couldn't stay away. We got reeled back in and after I caught my breath, I took off again. This was a short lived effort as I was alone and had burned some serious matches in the first effort, so back to the bunch I went.

Another two guys went off the front and bit later and I decided to try and bridge...I got pretty close, but brought the whole field with me.

On the last lap I just stayed in the bunch and sat up before the mayhem sprint and crossed the line in a nice coast.

A fun way to get some efforts in and see the bicycling scene in NYC.

I'm now running a bit more and have the hammer down for a few events in the coming months:


And if my wife decides to give birth between now and November, well, all bets are off!
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