Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bike Racing

I figured since I did the first CRCA race in Central Park back in March, I should close it out by doing the final race a few weekends ago. I find those races to be pretty entertaining. Most guys just sit in and wait for the bunch sprint/crash at the end and do nothing to mix it up over the 5 laps around Central Park. Me on the other hand...I go out to RACE my bike and get in a hard workout, so I play yo-yo off the front.

This last race was no exception. Right on the first lap I bridged up to two guys taking a flyer on Harlem Hill and we stayed away for a bit, only two of us were working with the third dude just hanging on the back because his team was in contention for the team points overall win and I'm sure he knew he couldn't stay away. We got reeled back in and after I caught my breath, I took off again. This was a short lived effort as I was alone and had burned some serious matches in the first effort, so back to the bunch I went.

Another two guys went off the front and bit later and I decided to try and bridge...I got pretty close, but brought the whole field with me.

On the last lap I just stayed in the bunch and sat up before the mayhem sprint and crossed the line in a nice coast.

A fun way to get some efforts in and see the bicycling scene in NYC.

I'm now running a bit more and have the hammer down for a few events in the coming months:


And if my wife decides to give birth between now and November, well, all bets are off!

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