Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My first attempt at a mountain bike race. I've raced on the dirt before but as part of an off-road triathlon/duathlon.

I had a great time, got out of my comfort zone and learned a ton about what I can do on the bike and navigating tough terrain. This was a much better workout than spending three hours on the road or tri bike.

The race was the Riedlbauer's Round Top Rally as part of the NYS Catskill MTB Series. The event was really well done and the course was well designed. It was a perfect morning, about 38 degrees, clear blue sky and the leaves were in peak color.

I have no idea what my result was and I really am not concerned with that as I just wanted to get out and go hard on my bike for the full three laps. I started out at the back of my age group and I was pretty slow on the first lap as I had not been on the course and did not know what to expect, i picked it up on the second lap and corrected the mistakes I made previously and on the third lap I went all out, scaring myself in a few places and pushing hard to the end.

I was rocking the Team 303 Racing kit that my brother, Hank, created for his group in Colorado, it is pretty stylish and I got a lot of comments on it.

Two weekends down, no baby and I'm feeling good...although I think I feel a cold coming on...

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jcorreia said...

Nice. And you lived so congrats. Try to keep that cold on your side of the office.