Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Beach Half Marathon

I had to be out in Long Beach for the marathon event so I decided to run the half. I have been training very little, if you can event call it training. So, I formulated a conservative plan to go out and run at a comfortable pace for the first 6-7 mile and then see if I had anything to push it to the end. I was just hoping to be under a 1:40 and thinking if all went right I'd go under 1:35.
I had a good morning, my hotel was less than 1/2 a mile from the start, ate a good breakfast stretched and relaxed. About 7:15am I ran from the hotel to the start line and seeded myself toward the front as there were a ton of people...the gun went off about 7:40 and I started out too fast, 1st mile was a 6:33, 2nd a 6:39 and 3rd a 6:36...I was just waiting for the detonation..

But, I held on and ran pretty consistently to the end...I did start to feel sluggish about mile 11 to the end but held on to finish in 1:27:53. My PR is a 1:27:00 so I was pretty happy to see that all my work over the summer had stuck with me a bit...One weekend down.

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