Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very Easy....Very Hard...

There is a very interesting post on Slowtwitch that has had me thinking:

"So I am at a party where a number of folks just became aware that I am an Ironman-I am asked what are the distances -as I explain each leg the "oohs and ahhs" and "thats incredible" are rolling in (I am enjoying my rock star moment) it crescendos when I explain that the last leg is a marathon... then a guy who was speaking another group at the party turns around with irritation in his voice and says " I read that a 70 year old nun does that event, how hard can it be?" That is Ironman Deflation. What prompted this post is a great quote I just read in another post: "Ironmans are very easy to finish, very hard to race". That is a secret which should be closely guarded..... "

Some of the response are very good and insightful...Having finished the Ironman earlier this summer, my first reaction was, how very true. But, now that I've read some of the other posts and thought about the Ironman in the context of life, I'm thinking this:

Wouldn't a better secret be? "It's very easy to reach a finish line and get through life with mediocrity, but very challenging to maintain the dedication and passion to race past mediocrity to be at the the front of the pack."

I'll continue to think about it...

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