Thursday, October 16, 2008

Win or Go Home...Come on!

Darren Rovell of CNBC Sports Business blogged about Lance's return to cycling yesterday and I sent him an email reply...


I think you are being a bit shortsighted here...not everyone "wins" their battle against cancer, but isn't it still important to fight? If Lance indeed comes back and does not win the tour de France it still sends a message to those in their battle against cancer that being up to the fight and never giving up is the most important thing. The yellow bracelet may only signify winning to you but, to millions of people around the world the message of yellow bracelet goes beyond the field of competitive cycling to signify a fight and the unwavering passion to never give up.

Secondly, Lance coming back to the sport of cycling is a boost to an industry that helps get people off the couch and out doing something healthy. I, too, have spent time with Lance and that time has been on the bike where he truly seems to be at peace and able to ride with the general public. Lance IS an icon and means so much to so many different people, why discourage him in pursing something he wants and loves to do?

Lastly, my bet is that when Lance's career comes to an end he will be more proud of a legacy that defines him as the founder of the Lance Armstrong Foundation - an organization that was instrumental in finding a cure for cancer, than, a 7, 8 or 9-time Tour de France winner.

My message to Lance...
Lance Armstrong Come Out and Fight - Please
"Good for you, go for it, come back and lay it on the line! Your passion and determination, whatever the result, will inspire and enable many millions to do the same."


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