Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tired Dog

We had a tough day taking care of the baby today...

On to 2009...

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

2002 Cervelo Soloist Redo

My first really nice bike was a 2002 Cervelo Soloist. I loved that bike, the perfect transition from road machine to triathlon/TT rig.Recently, I've had the good fortune to be a Pinarello athlete and hence my Soloist found a lonely place in the basement of our home upstate. It got an occational spin of the wheels when I would opt not to bring one of my city bikes up to the house or we had company and we needed an extra set of wheels.

This year, I brought out the old trusty ride and felt it needed a good home. My brother-in-law has been making comment that he might like to get into bicycling and asked for some recommendations on bikes. This is going to make the best Hanukkah gift for him, but before that she needed a fresh livery and new accessories.

I had the bike stripped and sent to a painter in California (I'm leaving out who the painter is because I'm not particularly happy with the transaction).
When the bike returned I had it built up with SRAM Force and Rival components, and I'm really happy with the end result. The guys, Edwin specifically, at Toga on the Westside are the best!

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Foot In Mouth Disease

Very nice to see a good news item regarding our beloved sport of triathlon in the Sports Business Daily yesterday:

Triple Threat: Triathlon Not Being Slowed By Economic Crisis
During the current economic crisis, triathlon is "thriving ... from the beginner's sprint distance to the veteran's Ironman," according to Don Norcross of the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE. USA Triathlon this year has seen its membership increase 15% to 115,000 and the World Triathlon Corp. has "jumped from 16 half-Ironman races in 2006 to 34" this year. Also, Triathlete magazine's circulation has climbed to 70,000, a 10% annual increase. Norcross noted what makes the sport's "mushrooming growth more fascinating" is that it "takes serious bank to race triathlons." The N.Y. Triathlon last summer raised the entry fee for its '09 race from $175 to $225, and "sold out the 4,000-plus spots in less than 30 minutes." Also, the '09 Ford Ironman Arizona, at $500 per entry, "sold 2,000 spots in one day." Industry sources said that there are "multiple reasons why the multi-sport is faring well." Demographics "play a part" -- Triathlete Publisher John Duke said that the average household income of the magazine's subscribers is $177,000. Duke: "I don't think they're the people getting laid off. They're the people laying off." Norcross also noted "high-end bikes are still being pedaled out the front door." California cycling store B&L Bike & Sports Owner Jeff Rowe: "We haven't seen the hit car salesmen have seen" (SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, 12/12).

Unfortunately, I find Mr. Duke’s comment to be terribly insensitive and narrow-sighted…this economic crisis is hitting every family no matter their demographic status and/or professional position. I happen to know quite a few triathlete, executive level, top earners (including myself) who are finding themselves without a job at this time.
“Triathlete Publisher John Duke said that the average household income of the magazine's subscribers is $177,000. Duke: "I don't think they're the people getting laid off. They're the people laying off."”

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Inside Ride continued

I still don't like riding inside, BUT, if I must, there is nothing better than the e-motion rollers. I've put in ten or so hour-plus rides on them and get more comfortable every time. I finally can reach for my water bottle and get some hydration without spiking my heart rate or getting the wobbles, in fact, I've become so comfortable on these rollers that I've done my workouts on my TT bike the last two days. While getting into the aero position took about 30 minutes into yesterday's ride, today I was able to log a strong 15 minute hard interval in the aero position without engaging the bumpers or having a heart attack.

I did see a video where a pro rode these rollers with no hands, so there is still improvement to be made and plenty of winter left to practice.

Here is the link to the Inside Ride company: http://www.insideride.com/

While not riding my bike and looking for a new job, I've been spending time with my wife and Weck. This guy is a stud, the three of us decorated his first Christmas tree the other night.

Last week we loaded our matchbox car Prius with diapers, formula, clothing, a pack-n-play, a nanny, a baby, my wife, Chief, myself and assorted other goodies and headed to spend the week at our home in the Catskills...what a ride!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inside Ride

I still love these things!
Now Strava has The Sufferfest videos...oh yes, getting crushed indoors still counts.

I'm back in the training game and have found the best indoor training tool! The Inside Ride e-motion rollers. In the past I have been riding indoors on the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer and could never go more than 2 hours without loosing my mind. Also the trainer had no traits to liken it to real road riding.

The e-motion rollers are easier than traditional rollers with the guide wheels, but the greatest trait is the motion to simulate the feeling of the road.

The first time I jumped on them, it took me some time to get comfortable and not feel like I was riding on ice...that sensation never goes away but you learn how the most subtle movement impacts balance. I have gone down once and still am nervous about reaching for the water bottle in the cages but slowly I'm gaining confidence.

I recommend this training tool if you spend time inside riding.

Next up - riding my TT bike on them, should be entertaining!
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