Saturday, December 20, 2008

2002 Cervelo Soloist Redo

My first really nice bike was a 2002 Cervelo Soloist. I loved that bike, the perfect transition from road machine to triathlon/TT rig.Recently, I've had the good fortune to be a Pinarello athlete and hence my Soloist found a lonely place in the basement of our home upstate. It got an occational spin of the wheels when I would opt not to bring one of my city bikes up to the house or we had company and we needed an extra set of wheels.

This year, I brought out the old trusty ride and felt it needed a good home. My brother-in-law has been making comment that he might like to get into bicycling and asked for some recommendations on bikes. This is going to make the best Hanukkah gift for him, but before that she needed a fresh livery and new accessories.

I had the bike stripped and sent to a painter in California (I'm leaving out who the painter is because I'm not particularly happy with the transaction).
When the bike returned I had it built up with SRAM Force and Rival components, and I'm really happy with the end result. The guys, Edwin specifically, at Toga on the Westside are the best!

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