Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Inside Ride continued

I still don't like riding inside, BUT, if I must, there is nothing better than the e-motion rollers. I've put in ten or so hour-plus rides on them and get more comfortable every time. I finally can reach for my water bottle and get some hydration without spiking my heart rate or getting the wobbles, in fact, I've become so comfortable on these rollers that I've done my workouts on my TT bike the last two days. While getting into the aero position took about 30 minutes into yesterday's ride, today I was able to log a strong 15 minute hard interval in the aero position without engaging the bumpers or having a heart attack.

I did see a video where a pro rode these rollers with no hands, so there is still improvement to be made and plenty of winter left to practice.

Here is the link to the Inside Ride company:

While not riding my bike and looking for a new job, I've been spending time with my wife and Weck. This guy is a stud, the three of us decorated his first Christmas tree the other night.

Last week we loaded our matchbox car Prius with diapers, formula, clothing, a pack-n-play, a nanny, a baby, my wife, Chief, myself and assorted other goodies and headed to spend the week at our home in the Catskills...what a ride!

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