Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inside Ride

I still love these things!
Now Strava has The Sufferfest videos...oh yes, getting crushed indoors still counts.

I'm back in the training game and have found the best indoor training tool! The Inside Ride e-motion rollers. In the past I have been riding indoors on the CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer and could never go more than 2 hours without loosing my mind. Also the trainer had no traits to liken it to real road riding.

The e-motion rollers are easier than traditional rollers with the guide wheels, but the greatest trait is the motion to simulate the feeling of the road.

The first time I jumped on them, it took me some time to get comfortable and not feel like I was riding on ice...that sensation never goes away but you learn how the most subtle movement impacts balance. I have gone down once and still am nervous about reaching for the water bottle in the cages but slowly I'm gaining confidence.

I recommend this training tool if you spend time inside riding.

Next up - riding my TT bike on them, should be entertaining!

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