Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Musings

Monday is my day with Weck, no mom, no Chief, no nanny; just me and the man. I love Monday's for this very reason.

Since I was laid off, I have always had this angst about Monday and getting back into the job hunt. With my responsibility for Weck on Mondays, it really breaks up the day and never let's me dwell on the crappy job market, the fact that people are not responding to my phone calls and/or emails or the multitude of other downer Monday thoughts (Weck is sacked out right now so I have a little time to eat and surf).

Instead, I change diapers, feed Weck and get to see him do things for the first are a few shots of today:
I had a few good training sessions over the weekend...all indoors as it was frigid upstate. I good solid hard ride on the rolls Saturday before heading to the gym to bang out 5 miles on the treadmill and then on Sunday I spent a boring one hour running n the treadmill. I'm loving the rest day today...
A few days last week and over the weekend, I was following the results of my friend Joao, who races for the Bissell Pro Cycling Team, racing in Argentina. He did great and had some great comment on his Blog. Unfortunately, he had to abandon the race and chalk it up to some great training. As if that is not enough there always has to be some jerk out there who has such little self esteem and is jealous of everyone else to post an anonymous comment:
"excuses, excuses-- truth is, any one of the 50 thousand (or so) kids you took this spot from could have done much better. Instead, they're all stuck working at the local bike shop another year (this is not a stereotype, I just met one of these kids at my local shop the other day). Even if the remainder of your season is spectacular (by your standards) there are still so many kids with so much more talent that deserve that ride."
#1 - Posting a comment anonymously = COWARD!
#2 - If you don't know the person why personally attack the guy?
#3 - Joao is a pro for a reason...not to mention he has a real job as well.
It just makes me sad that people cannot be happy for someone and their efforts to go after something they want.
I say, "Joao, keep the hammer down and keep dreaming big! We need more people like you to show the younger generation that it takes hard work and dedication to have a chance to be on the big stage. Things are not just handed to you whether you think you deserve it, have a desire or have talent; you must earn it!"
Ok, Weck is stirring, back to being a dad and tummy-time on the play mat!

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