Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Product Review: Rocket Sciences Elite Bag

I've been carrying around the Rocket Science Sports Elite Bag backpack for over a year now and am finally getting to a review:

A great bag, but needs replacing once a year.
MSRP: $114.99
The Good: This bag has loads of pockets and is super comfortable to carry. I really like the the top "rain cover" pocket; I removed the rain cover and use that pocket for essential tools, HR monitor/footpod items (who needs a rain cover if you make a bag water repellent?). Inside the bag there are great shoe compartments and sectioned off compartments for clothing, etc. The bag comes with a wetsuit dry bag which snaps in the back and you can get an optional padded laptop bag to snap in the rear instead of the wetsuit bag.

There are other external pockets and water bottle holders on the sides which give you plenty of places to carry pens, id cards, watches, etc.

The Bad: This bag is made like crap, it comes apart in too many different places. A small band/strap on the shoulder strap came unstiched within the first few months and now the shoulder straps are coming unstiched from the bags body...I'm not sure I'm comfortable carrying anything of value (laptop) in this bag going forward as the straps are going to fail at any moment.

The inside mesh compartments get caught in the zippers and it would be nice to have the back separator mesh flap to be solid waterproof material to be able to put wet clothing in the bag without the wetsuit bag. It would also be nice to have a divider in the back or elsewhere to slide in files and/or magazines.

The Consensus: This is the best of the lot when it comes to bags that serve multi-purpose and multi-sports, but it is a bit pricey for the quality of workmanship. I'd love to see a bag like this in a more sophisticated/professional look for those who would like to carry it to the office and not look like a middle schooler.

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