Monday, February 2, 2009


As a beginning to race may way into shape and to break up he monotony of training, I entered the Indoor Triathlon at the JCC yesterday - 10 minutes swim, 30 minutes on a spin bike and 20 minutes on the treadmill.
This was quite the experience. I showed to the club about 7:50 for my 8:45 start time, got a tour of the areas where the disciplines would be held an then headed to the swimming pool. I watched a couple of heats go and found the people competing in this race to run the gamut, guys in basketball shorts for swim trunks and some young 'hardcore' triathletes. It was impressive to see people getting into it on an early Sunday afternoon.
I jumped in the pool for my heat and since this was the third time I'd touched water since the fall I had no grand plan other than do a solid 10 minute swim. I split a lane with a very nice woman and when the whistle blew I went out at a good clip. I felt my lack of swimming kick in pretty quickly and faded throughout and was really happy when the 10 minute stop whistle blew.
We now had 15 minutes to go to the locker room, change and get to the spinning studio. Once in the studio I set up a spin bike, man are those things awkward and uncomfortable, and started pedaling to loosen the legs. I had my running shoes on with baskets as no clipless shoes were allowed. First thing I noticed was that with cages I pedalled on my toes due to the length of my feet.
We were give our instructions and began the 140rpm spin. This was brutal as the whole point was to go the furthest distance gauged by the magnet and computer the had mounted on the flywheel. no hills, no tension, just spin the thing as fast as you could. As I have some nice sized legs this was hard and favored the scrawny little legged guys who could just get their legs going super fast. I finished up and felt like it was a good endurance ride by not particularly hard and little power output.
Another 10 minute to get to the floor where the treadmills were. Once on the treadmill it was hit start and run as far as you could for 20 minutes. I went pretty hard to see if I could simulate coming off the bike and getting the running legs gong.
All in all a good time and worth a Sunday morning workout. I have yet to see results, but I'm not too concerned.
February looks like a long, lonely training month ahead...

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