Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life off the bike, out of the pool, not on the run and out of the gym...

All this posting about training and racing...that is not all I do, really!

Since being laid off in November, I've been having meetings and trying to figure out what my next career moving is to be. This is such a strange time and extremely difficult to be on the outside looking in. On more than one occasion, I have been in a meeting where a top level executive has commented that they are holding off on hiring not only because of the economy but because he or she is afraid that they will loose their job soon. So, the conversations sway from a focus on their company to a focus on the industry and what I've experienced in terms of opportunities. I come out of these meetings feeling like I'm in the twilight zone...who was helping who and what just happened?

I had the opportunity to present at the Running USA Conference in San Diego last week and found the mood to be relatively good. Most people I spoke to were complaining about the lack of sponsorship but happy to tout that participation numbers are up. The industry is strong, but as the San Diego Tribune reported, even event companies are getting a second look at how they run their business and their financial dealings.

I'm continuing to talk to a lot of people and explore a variety of opportunities, I'm confident that things will turn around and I'll find a new job, but in the meantime, training and racing keep my mind clear and sharp.

Oh, and Weck? He is growing everyday...I am so lucky to have this time to hang out with him and watch him grow; my wife is afraid he will walk and ride a bike before he can crawl...

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