Sunday, March 29, 2009

Product Review: Garmin Forerunner 405



Retail Price: $349.99

The Good: I really having nothing good to say about this watch other than it does tell time.

The Bad: I was fired up when this was launched as I was looking for a new training watch and liked the 305 but wanted something smaller and that didn't look like a computer.

The 405 disappointed in so many ways, let me try to list them:

1. It takes forever to locate satellites; and when you are standing outside in freezing temperatures waiting for it to just allow you to start the stop watch is ridiculous.

2. The touch bezel is crap; it doesn't work with gloves on; it doesn't work with sweaty wet fingers; but; will work when your wet sleeve touches it.

3. It gives terrible pace read outs. I was running intervals and looked down to check my pace and it read 13:34 min/mi...boy am I really slow. There is no way to use this to accurately gauge pacing.

The Consensus: I'm back to my Polar which is much more reliable.

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Anonymous said...


Keep up the reviews! We need some honest feedback from products on the market, both good and the bad! There is a lot of stuff out there that we pay big money for and it doesn't work... very frustrating.