Monday, June 15, 2009

1 out of 2

Amtrak threw a monkey wrench into the weekend plans...
I departed the city for the Catskills house with Chief on Thursday morning. After a quick stop in Rosendale to drive and ride the Sprint Triathlon course, we made to the house in time for some pond swimming and fetch. Jennifer and Weck were slated to join us Friday evening by taking the train from the city, so Friday was spent doing some housework; planed a tree, fixed part of a rock wall and built a stone landing for the hose off area.

At 5:3pm Jennifer called to let me know that all Amtrak service had been cancelled for Friday evening and she was headed home. I hustled to pack up and get ready to drive back to the city, but then made the call to stay at the house Friday night, get up Saturday morning early to race and then proceed home to the city.

Raced Saturday morning, amazing course, good result, bad ankle sprain...race report forthcoming...

I got back to the city around 1:30 Saturday just in time for the heavy rain, again!
Saturday afternoon was spent eating and watching movies on the couch.

Sunday, we ventured up to Pelham to spend the day at the NYAC-Traverse Island; it was a great day and we had a fun family day swimming and playing family games.

No MTB racing Sunday due to travel issues and ankle injury, a good thing because we had a great day!!!

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