Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Customer Service

The last few weeks have been busy with interviews, training (not really, but I like to think so), travel and well...life.
We finally made it up to our house in the Catskills to open it up for the summer over the Memorial Day weekend; it is so beautiful up there and Chief, our dog, is in heaven with the room to run, sticks and our swimming pond. I managed to get in some good rides, one MTB up and around the Windham ski area and on the roads the make up the Tour of the Catskills race in the fall.
I'm a little less than two month out from the NYC Triathlon and have not hit the pool since St. Croix. I'm registered in the Elite Age-Group wave and feel like I should do some training as to not embarrass myself...
We spent this past weekend in Colorado introducing Weck to all our friends and family there. It was a great trip other than Continental Airlines...
I normally fly American Airlines because I like them, I have status and 9 times out of 10 provide great service. Unfortunately, AA does not fly direct to Denver so we had to select another carrier. On the flight out, the flight attendants could not have been more unprofessional and flat out mean. We were in first class and basically got our meals thrown at us and then they sat in their seats chatting and people had to walk up to the front with their food trays for the garbage.
Then, on the flight home, the plane was oversold, late, hot as hell and, again, the flight crew was rude and unprofessional. Our son got a little fussy so I got up and walked him to the galley of the plane, the attendant said "can I help you" in a snide tone.
I said "no thank you, just walking my son to calm him down."
"well, you are disturbing me so please go back your seat."
"ah, no thank you, I'll just stick right here."
He took off down the aisle in a huff.

The rest of the flight he would not acknowledge us or get us drinks or food and keep glaring at me.

I will never fly Continental again if I don't have to...
Finally, we were home and I got a call from Toga Bikes on the westside saying that my Zipp 808 wheel had come back.
Weck and I headed down there and picked up the wheel, as I was preparing to pay, the said "it came back 'no charge'". oh baby, that is nice! I'm not as depressed about my DNF/crash in St. Croix now. Huge thanks to Zipp/SRAM and the boys at Toga on the West side, super customer service and really fast!
Now, I guess I need to start actually training...bike race tonight count?

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