Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fit Addiction

The morning alarm breaks the silence of the night or is that my son crying?

Crawling out of bed, getting dressed while being accosted by the dog yearning for his morning walk, my foggy mind instantly begins to run through the mental checklist: family, work, finances, travel, etc.

Once all the important things are dealt with (dog walk, diaper change and coffee), it is time to confront the idea of the day's training session. What is it today? 50 miles on the bike; a 12 mile run; 4,000 yards in the pool; strength and core training?

I have been thinking lately that I really dislike training and racing.


Then why do I put myself through this daily, monthly, yearly ritual of subjecting my body and mind to countless hours and miles of biking, running, swimming and other assorted physical activities?

I have come to the conclusion that what results from these intense training sessions and races is what I desire.

Mentally and physically, I am stronger, sharper and more confident by enduring the grueling miles and hours; I am addicted to the mental and physical edge this intense fitness gives me.

I ride and run through Central Park and take note of the people out seemingly enjoying a good run or casually turning laps on the bike. Don't get me wrong; I love riding my bike, I love running; I like swimming; and I like working up a good sweat. But, I only find enjoyment once the efforts are completed. More often than not, I find myself saying, at least once, during intense interval efforts and any training session for that matter, "I hate this, this sucks."

The same is true for racing. Never once, during a race, do I find myself enjoying myself. It is just that during the training workouts and races I am so mentally and physically focused on pushing myself to the limit that I find no time nor enjoyment in that pain and and suffering.

It is only when workouts and races are completed that I find some satisfaction, but I still find no affection for the efforts.

The real enjoyment comes when I put on a custom made dress shirt and well tailored suit; when I'm sitting in a meeting and have a strong clear mind; and, when I walk into a room with confidence knowing my mind and body are fit and sharp.

I'm addicted to it...

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