Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long but not down the center

I headed down to Chelsea Piers this morning to hit some golf balls in preparation for the annual ColoRyder tournament my brother hosts next week at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. I am not a good golfer; I like to just swing away so going to a driving range is not so much about refining my swing or sharpening the skills, as it is about seeing how far I can hit the ball and if I can get a few to go was a fun morning...I'm still not good, but I can hit the ball a long way!On my way to hit balls into the Hudson, I walk through the new Highline Park. That place is really cool and really a nice elevated escape from the city.
I took the bike out for a few laps around the park at lunch time; I'm not bagging training completely as I will jump in a few bike races and a mountain bike race over the next couple of weeks to keep the fitness up and have some fun. The park ride was a bit painful and my mind was racing the entire time.
I was thinking about my training and when I felt good on the bike. I came to the conclusion that early in the season when I was putting in at least one hour on the bike everyday with some easy riding and intervals, my legs felt good day in and day out and I seem to think my power steadily increased.
I got home and looked back at my files to find that indeed, during the winter and early spring, when was putting in time on the bike every single day, my power was building and I was recovering better. Only when I stared breaking the week up with other training sessions and only getting on the bike three times a week for long sessions my power and recovery shifted in the wrong direction...amazing what you find by digging through old data and analyzing the outcome over time...I now know where my focus needs to be and what I need to do.

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