Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Allergies, Running, Swimming and My Son

I got one nasty allergy attack last week which progressed into a full on cold with some nasty chest congestion. I probably didn't help it by proceeding to hammer my workouts and wear my body down to exhaustion.

I spent this past weekend in Maine at a camp my wife's great grandfather founded. this was the 90th anniversary which is pretty amazing considering all that has happen in that time for this camp to endure.

My run workout on Friday was to be a good paced 6-7 mile effort; it turned out to be a 13 mile lost dash to beat the rain. I got lost on some back roads and failed to have much in the tank for the additional 6 miles tacked on to the plan. I was happy to reach the camp and have the beautiful lake to jump in to and cool off. I was joined by my son for a few laps which made all the pain go away.Saturday was a nice easy 4 mile run to the camp from the hotel followed by a great 2 mile swim in the lake. All in all some good long base sessions; now it is time to dial up the speed with a potential bike race this weekend.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Product Review: Men’s P.R.O. Road Cycling Shoe

A little background: I've ridden Sidi shoes for as long as I can remember and was hesitant to stray from something I have had great experiences. I had to jump when my latest pair of Sidis began to deteriorate; funds were not available for a new pair and I had an opportunity to purchase some Pearl Izumi gear at a discount.

Product: Pearl Izumi Men’s P.R.O. Road
MSRP: $200.00

The first pair I ordered the same size as my Sidis (45) and had to return as they were too small; I had to go for the 46.

The Good:
At first look, they are great looking shoes, light and seemingly well made. Although the leather feels a bit like plastic and nowhere near the soft, supple feel of Sidi leather. Good straps and Velcro closures.

The Bad:
Bike shoes should fit like a glove and be hardly noticeable, not so here. The toe box on these shoes is huge. Even after I put my custom insoles in to take up some room, when I cinched the Velcro straps, the top of the shoes bunched and pinched, creating uncomfortable pinching and pressure points. The heal cup is very deep and allow the cuff of the shoe to ride high on the ankle, rubbing on my ankle bone.
I gave them the benefit of the doubt (and since they were my only shoes) and headed to my Mini Mid-Season Training Camp in the Catskills. Long days in the saddle and pain in the feet from hot spots, pinch points and general discomfort I'm done with these shoes.

The Consensus:
I'd rather go back to to my old worn out Sidis than spend another pedal stroke in these shoes...anyone have a good deal with Sidi - I'm desperate!
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Mini Mid-Season Training Camp

Just back from a great few days of riding in the Catskills with my buddy PC. We got in three days of solid riding on the hills around Windham and Hunter ski areas. The climbing was good for me to build some power back in the legs and begin getting ready for the Tour of the Catskills race this fall.
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