Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tour of the Catskills - Satge 1

I'm not a smart bike racer.

In most if not all bike races I get impatient and hate riding/coasting in the group. I like to RIDE my bike, not just sit on it until a finishing sprint. For these reasons I usually got out and attack early and often to find myself back in the group for the sprint with no legs to contest. My reaction is always one of satisfaction that I actually rode hard and may have made some other people suffer in doing so.

I was hoping to be a little bit smarter for this race to see where I could actually place.

Well, that was short lived. About 5 miles into stage 1 I got antsy and took off. My rationale was:
#1 I know the course and might be able to gain some advantage with my locals knowledge to run away and hide.
#2 If I could get to and up the first climb ahead of the group, I could create a small selection that would stay away to the end.
#3 I'm just a bad ass and am going to solo 40+ miles for the win.

I was caught, dropped and popped at the base of the first climb. What an idiotic move. That took no brains at all.

Cresting the climb I was passed by the wheel van and could see the main group down the road.

So, I spent the next 30 mile fixated on the back of the van chasing to get back into the main group. I would catch others who were dropped and ride with them for a bit and was so close on so many occasions to then turn a corner and be so far back again.

Finally, after riding my legs into the ground I caught the main group comprised of about 25 guys. I sat in trying to get some life back into my lifeless legs.

As we came out off the back roads onto the main highway and final climb, I mustered all my strength to stick with the group, yo-yoing off the back for about 3 miles until I settled into a pace I could deal with. Bye Bye pack and hello solo world again, this time behind the group.

Cresting this final climb it was a test against the wind to make it to the finish. I caught a few stragglers off the group and worked my way across the finish line.

Dumb racing. Hard riding. Maybe tomorrow I'll have learned my lesson and race the bike...

Duration: 2:38:16 (2:48:39)
Work: 2519 kJ
TSS: 275 (intensity factor 1.021)
Norm Power: 317
VI: 1.19
Pw:HR: 4.76%
Pa:HR: -7.5%
Distance: 52.729 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 1052 265 watts
Heart Rate: 0 176 144 bpm
Cadence: 30 117 86 rpm
Speed: 0 51.8 20.0 mph
Pace 1:10 0:00 3:00 min/mi

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