Monday, September 21, 2009

Tour of the Catskills - Stage 2

Throwing caution to the wind was the theme of the day.

After my inability to hold back and be a factor in the race on Stage 1, I figured that I'd get on the front early to open up the legs but not create a break; if there were a break I'd go and sit on their wheel till the first KOM climb. Once over the first climb I wanted to get to the front and lead the decent as this decent is right next to our house and I know it like the back of my hand. After we hit the highway I would go with any and all breaks.

The plan worked just as I had planned out in my head. Out front warming up and opening the leg muscles, sitting on a few break attempts, leading the decent and back into the group on the main road through Windham.

At the Windham Ski Area a lone guy went out on the break. I was boxed in and took a few miles to get the opening to chase him down. I finally bridged up and the two of us opened a significant lead out to the major decent of the day. As we approached the decent he said "I'm not good at going down." I said, "sit on my wheel and follow, big wide road, easy."

I pushed on the downhill, using the entire road. I looked back about 2/3 of the way down and my break partner was way off my wheel. Oh well, I decided to keep flying down and figured I get caught on the winding roads leading to the big climb of the day. At the turn there was an accident and just as the group was catching me there was great confusion as to where we needed to go.

We all finally took a detour, following the pace vehicle.

After an pee stop (yes, a pee stop on a 2 hour, 50 mile race) by a majority of the group we hit a road I knew would intersect back with the race route. This is where I decided to go to the front and drive the pace to discourage breaks and weed out some weaker legs.

Back on the race route we wound through back roads and the guy who made a break earlier in the day jumped off the front again. I again went to the front and turned the screws to the base of the climb.

As we approached the climb I knew my legs were done in and just getting to the top was going to be a struggle, so staying with the pack was not an option.

I made the top after a pillow fight with my legs; oh my, were they soft and non-responsive, and proceeded to try and hammer the last seven miles picking off as many straggles as possible.

I hammered and passed two, crossing the line totally spent.

Again, I rode hard. Not effective, but I rode the 51+ miles hard...

It was a good first stage race for me with a lot of learning about racing, maybe next year I hold back and show my cards only when I need to; then again, I feel a bigger sense of accomplishment by actually riding hard and not following a bunch of dudes all weekend.

Duration: 2:29:24 (2:30:03)
Work: 2426 kJ
TSS: 264.3 (intensity factor 1.03)
Norm Power: 319
VI: 1.18
Pw:HR: -4.6%
Pa:HR: 28.29%
Distance: 51.871 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 1344 271 watts
Heart Rate: 0 169 147 bpm
Cadence: 29 141 88 rpm
Speed: 0 51 20.8 mph
Pace 1:11 0:00 2:53 min/mi
Crank Torque: 0 1087 261 lb-in
Temperature: 66.2 87.8 74.8 Fahrenheit

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Michael Wentland: said...

Bouker, sounds like you have all the right qualities, but lack the team to work with. Next year we should band together. Loved the recaps. Didn't know you had a home so close. Contact me when you're up. We'll ride.