Monday, October 26, 2009

Back at it...

First week back in the driver's seat of "training" and it sure feels good...well, sort of. The soreness and feeling that I'm out of shape is not a huge moral booster.

Where does all the fitness go in so little time off?

I'm easing back into the swim, bike, run routine and have added a few wrinkles during this early build phase to hopefully help stave off injury, build more overall fitness, work on my weaknesses and be able to feel more comfortable at single discipline running and bicycling events next season.

I've built what I feel is a solid weight and core strength routine that gets me in and out of the gym in an hour or less; I'm working through a three month swim technique progression program; training for bike racing and not just endurance triathlon bike riding; and focusing on shorter fast runs all building up to faster half-marathon distance runs.

The running will be interesting as in the past, longer runs really beat up my body and the recovery was so long that it cannibalized my cycling training and the ability to really be able to increase power.

I'm sore, tired and really looking forward to more.

I am very happy with the training plan I've worked out for myself and think it could yield great things in 2010.

Time for another nap...

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