Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy body

While my body has been less busy in the training department, my mind and body have been busy rushing from meeting to meeting and call to call...

This is what it has been all about in the last few weeks. Some great meetings and calls have me feeling optimistic that the next month will bring a new professional home for my marketing skills.

Executive comment of the week:
"We'll let People Magazine handle that one as that is where the story belongs."
- A Sports Illustrated executive in reference to the Tiger Woods saga and their coverage of it

I've cut back on the drinking and sugar in hope to start some sort of solid training plan in the coming weeks. The family is good, a little stressed with the holidays, but who isn't?
I made it through a couple of testing sessions last week to get some preliminary number to build training plans with ranges, man those hurt, but I felt pretty strong. The numbers came back better than expected, in a better spot than this time last year. This week has been a wash as I've had a ton of meetings and calls that there has not been enough time in the day to get a session on the books. Any spare time I do have has been getting the dog out for a game of fetch in the park and chasing Weck around.Off to Colorado for the holiday next week, then home and upstate through the New, time flies!

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