Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Crazy Month...

I'm still looking at a few opportunities and hope to make something stick in early January. I have two different directions to go and am excited about both but know one will be a bigger struggle to endure...in due time.

Last week, I had some good meetings and I heard a very interesting comment from one of the best known sports media executives in the world:
"With the internet and social media pushing information, consumers feel that they are entitled to content and can readily access it; therefore, print and pay for content models are dead."

I'm not sure where to start or end...I just know I've been drinking A LOT more wine over the past month since spending more time with the in-laws, but I've also spent a good deal of time on my bike getting my thoughts together and enjoying the solitude.

Weck turned one and is walking/running like a drunken sailor all over. He is one tough dude.

I've sort of started training, nothing concrete, just getting out on the bike for a few hours everyday or inside on the rollers when the weather is not cooperating and running a few times a week. I have yet to hit the pool and I'm slacking on the strength training.

My plan is to do some power testing on the bike trainer today, get some preliminary numbers and build my training plan with the rest of the year being some good build/easy miles and really having a concrete training schedule start the first of the year.

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