Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bigger is not aways better

I keep hearing and reading a lot about "building a community" and having a large network. I'm all for reaching out and connecting, as a matter of fact, it has been a huge help in my job search.
But, I think the approach people are taking is wrong.

Building for building sake and connecting with anyone and everyone is impersonal and disingenuous.

I'd rather have a strong but smaller network than some huge database of people I hardly know. Why not instead of building to say you have the largest network, build quality and actually know all the people in your network.

I'm going to start filtering my networks and stop accepting invitations from those people I really don't know.I recently finished the book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall and found it inspirational and entertaining. I highly recommend it.

"Beyond the extreme of fatigue and distress,
we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own;
sources of strength never taxed at all
because we never push through the obstruction."
- William James

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Ran...

Yesterday, I got out for my first run of 2010 and for the first time since November; I forgot how cathartic the pounding of the pavement and the sound of my own breathing is.

It was cold and there were icy patches, but I did not seem to mind nor notice after too long; I was deep in thought.

About what?

About everything: Life, new business ideas, how you lose a lot of fitness in a month, the book I just read...

My stream of thought during a run is amazing and something I have always wanted but had the hardest time capturing once the run concludes, perhaps that is a good thing.

I do remember snippets from those runs and maybe that is the cream rising to the top.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New You...Blah, Blah, Blah...

It seems that every magazine cover trots out this slogan (without the Blah, Blah, Blah) for their December/January issues to entice you to make "wholesale" changes to your life in hopes of creating a new and improved version of yourself.

I don't think a magazine in the world could tell me something that would create a new slight to the publications, there is some good information to help educate us on ways to improve small snippets of our daily grind, workouts, eating, etc.

You've made it this far, why on earth would you want to scrap everything to this point and create a new you? Sure, there are bad things that happen, illnesses, transgressions, etc., but those are all a part of who you are and like it or not, you cannot hide from it.So, instead of New Year, New You; how about we focus on "New Year, Small Tweaks, Big Gains and Charging Ahead!"

I'm fired up for 2010. Heck, one of my New Year's resolutions has come and gone - New Year's Resolution #3: going on Taco Bell's drive-thru diet...Ha! Still trying to wrap my head around a diet of Taco Bell food, from the drive-thru and how that is a diet...I guess the "New" Subway Jared had to come from somewhere...

I've been on holiday for the most part of the last two weeks and have really enjoyed the time with my family. I know a new job is close, "Charging Ahead" is the due time with persistence and patience I will find a new home.

Before the holidays, I did have some very productive meetings as wells as some pretty funny conversations. People are just thrown off by this economy and the change in the marketing landscape.

I believe that the explosion of social media over the last 12 to 18 months has been fueled by so many qualified/educated people being out of work and hav
ing the time to become "experts" in this new medium. I, for one, have been studying and participating in webinars to gain more understanding on the changing landscape of how we converse and the interaction between consumers, brands and's a whole new ballgame and those who don't think so and have not prepared for the new wave are the next bubble...

Additionally, it has been interesting to see how I get pigeon hole
d into the "sports marketing" industry due to my past and personal pursuits and it being an easy topic of discussion. I have become a bit disenchanted with the sports marketing industry and the influx of those who know sports but do not understand the sports business...

"Too many in the #sports #marketing #sponsorship industry
talk process w/ anyone who will listen
rather than doing work and earning results"
I could go on forever here...
The holidays were very special with a trip to Colorado and time at our home in the Catskills. My son is growing like a weed and has a new trick every day; it was really great to have a week as just our family unit.

This time of year usually makes the "GO" time for St. Croix Ironman training and it still will be, just not as much of the focus as in years past. I have taken a bunch of time from running to let the legs rest, but have been on the bike almost every day to keep the fitness.

I'll ease into the rigors of swimming, running and the training schedule over the next week, but not mentally prepared to jump right in...there is a long way to go and I'll get there, I just want to do it on my terms.
"New Year, Small Tweaks, Big Gains and Charging Ahead!"
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