Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tik Tok

I lay in bed with my eyes wide open unable to sleep.

I could hear a clock across the room, Tik Tok...the noise of the watch winder rotating, the dog snoring.


Why can't I sleep?

Something was invading my mind but I could not pin point what it was. I have had little difficulty sleeping and last night should not have been an exception since I got outside for a good long ride.

I slowly rolled out of bed as to not disturb my wife, grabbed my Blackberry and crept into the adjoining room.

The screen lit up and the emails started flowing in.

Scrolling through, I saw a charge receipt from the Leadville Trail 100, that's odd...did I get in? why would they be charging my credit card?

I moved on and read a few more messages and an hour later felt my heavy eyes sending me back to bed. One last look at the inbox and there it was: "Congratulations!"

I was in!

Holy Shnikees, I got in to the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race in August.

I forward the message to my brother, as we were hoping to both get in and ride together, and headed off to bed.

Then the guilt hit, what if my brother didn't get in? He wanted it more than I and had been hatching ways to get in should the lottery not be his ticket.

I tossed and turned.

Finally, I passed out and dreamed of, what else, mountain biking.This morning I got out of bed, got my son changed and eating breakfast, poured some coffee and clicked on the BB. There was a message from my brother...gulp...guilt, wonder, hope...

"Me too!!
Holy shit yea!!
New bikes!!"

What awesome news, I am probably more excited that he got in than my entry, but the fact that we both got entries is special and will be a great summer goal.

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