Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Reading

Following through on my obsession with Six-Day bicycle racing after the email from my grandfather, I promptly ordered THE SIX-DAY BICYCLE RACES by Peter Joffre Nye, with Jeff Groman and Mark Tyson with the accompanying DVD, and dug right in with the remarkable history of cycling and its standing in society. THE SIX-DAY BICYCLE RACES is worth the quick read and the photos are amazing. It is a shame that type of racing is gone from the United States.

Although I found no reference to the distant relatives my grandfather referred to, the book's focus was on the big names and personalities within the sport, I am still digging to find the link between my family and a Six-Day racer.

Another book I ended up reading cover to cover was THE FEED ZONE COOKBOOK by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim, PhD. Beyond a great cookbook, this was chalk full of great tips and rationale behind healthy fueling for endurance athletes. 

I am no cook and my wife will agree, but I have tried to get into it with the help of this book and the need to be better about my diet, especially since we are back in NYC!

The results have been varied. First off was a trip to Whole Paycheck (Wholefoods Market) where I secured the "necessary" ingredients they list to have on hand. Ouch, Whole Paycheck almost certainly got an entire paycheck out of me for all the things we purchased!

My first 'cooking' attempt were some rice bars...I found out that cooking rice is not as easy as one thinks. After that failure, I've been hesitant and realize I do not have any cooking skills whatsoever. Hesitantly, I went for something simple, oatmeal. Success! Although a recipe so simple I'm afraid to admit i am happy that I have had two great batches of oatmeal. 

More to come with my "cooking" escapades...

Now time to tackle a training plan to get back into race shape and burn some competitive juices (and calories)...

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