Wednesday, October 17, 2012

28th Annual Central Park Duathlon - Race Report

Nothing like jumping right back least there wasn't water and swimming involved.

Sunday, October 14, 2012 marked my return to multisport racing after a few year hiatus. Inspired by the Ironman World Championships going on the same weekend? Not really. I was just looking for a reason to test my lack of fitness and speed before entering a more substantial races and committing to the hours of training.

The early morning found me digging through bags and looking for multisport 'stuff' and trying to recall what I needed and any routine I had in the past to be prepared. In the end, it was: kit, helmet, running shoes and bike and out the door I went.

A relatively mild morning, although I dress like it was colder, I pedaled my way into Central Park to the boathouse where the race and transition area where set up. I got all checked in, racked my bike and enjoyed the race environment in a relaxed demeanor. Heck, even though this was a short race, it was going to hurt and I had no idea where I would net out.

After a little warm up jog I slotted in at the start line, near the front, not because I'm a fast runner but because I need space to get this large body rolling and running over people at the back of the pack has been known to happen.

The gun went off and ten strides in I could already taste the pain with my heart in my throat. I held my own while the speedy guys took off, not too concerned with being passed.

Heading into transition after 2 miles of all out running I had doubts about my ability to get up to speed on the bike. As could be assumed my transition and subsequent mounting of my bike was less then graceful and downright awkward. I finally got my feet into my shoes and strapped and put the hammer down on the bike, this is where I have fun and really didn't care if I could run or walk the last two mile segment.

It was a cool, perfect morning to power the TT bike around Central Park and I made the most of the chance. I set my sights on anyone in front of me and made that my goal - pick off as many people on the bike as possible. I knew they come back and get me on the last run leg but I did not care, a good fast pass on the TT bike is a great feeling.

I picked off a number of riders and came into transition with only a couple of people ahead of me. Now was the penance for enjoying and getting after it on the bike: the run.

The running legs screamed up the first hill and I was breathing through my finger tips as I attempted to build and maintain a fast pace. Lumbering along I was eventually passed by a couple people and I did all I could to try and stay on their heals.

Not a terrible outing for the lack of training and hiatus from racing. I finished 10th overall and, most importantly, caught the racing bug again...what's next...?

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Routine, Accountability & Consistency

A few years ago when I was actually in shape and racing in triathlons along with other assorted endurance events, I was a data junkie. I logged all of my workouts in a journal, had graphs of pace and wattages with calendars as well as detailed bike measurements. I was a bit obsessed, but the routine of entering the daily weather, general feeling and specific workout data everyday kept me honest and gave me a routine.

My journal became a collection of ideas, thoughts, quotations, fortune cookie fortunes and race reports. This one journal houses almost three years of data, race reports and information. When one season ended and another begin, it was helpful to look back on and asses goals, performance and identify issues or breakthroughs to my racing season. Whether it be seasonal conditions, diet, sleep, habits, etc., I could track peaks and valleys which helped me lay out my next set of goals and training plans and record race reports.

Through all of this, I realized and witnessed that consistency in training, disciplines and schedule got me to a level of fitness where I was getting some good results and able to finish a full Ironman, but also having more energy and success in my professional life.

What does all of this mean?

Now, after a few years away from serious training and racing I realize that this book was more than just a journal, this collection held me accountable to completing workouts and kept me motivated to achieve my goals.

I am back to the good ole pencil and paper journal. I need to get fit and find a way to keep motivated with so many other things going on in my life.

Here we go...again!
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I look at this painting everyday as I prepare for what's ahead, the simplicity and power of the form are inspiring. My mother gave it to me in 2002 and wrote a personal note on the back that helps keep me motivated and "Reaching".

I also love that this was done by talented artist and friend Jared Hankins.

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