Friday, October 5, 2012

Routine, Accountability & Consistency

A few years ago when I was actually in shape and racing in triathlons along with other assorted endurance events, I was a data junkie. I logged all of my workouts in a journal, had graphs of pace and wattages with calendars as well as detailed bike measurements. I was a bit obsessed, but the routine of entering the daily weather, general feeling and specific workout data everyday kept me honest and gave me a routine.

My journal became a collection of ideas, thoughts, quotations, fortune cookie fortunes and race reports. This one journal houses almost three years of data, race reports and information. When one season ended and another begin, it was helpful to look back on and asses goals, performance and identify issues or breakthroughs to my racing season. Whether it be seasonal conditions, diet, sleep, habits, etc., I could track peaks and valleys which helped me lay out my next set of goals and training plans and record race reports.

Through all of this, I realized and witnessed that consistency in training, disciplines and schedule got me to a level of fitness where I was getting some good results and able to finish a full Ironman, but also having more energy and success in my professional life.

What does all of this mean?

Now, after a few years away from serious training and racing I realize that this book was more than just a journal, this collection held me accountable to completing workouts and kept me motivated to achieve my goals.

I am back to the good ole pencil and paper journal. I need to get fit and find a way to keep motivated with so many other things going on in my life.

Here we go...again!

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