Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A New Sporting Event...The eGames?

Endurance sports athletes, families, sponsors, media and fans pack your bags. I just got an email that caught my attention:

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Dear Athlete,
Simon Whitfield and Graham Fraser personally invite you to participate in the launch of the revolutionary Endurance Games (eGames) on Saturday June 15th 2013 in Barrie, ON.  This is a once a life time opportunity as you will the first to swim, bike or run  on this closed 800 metre looping course through downtown Barrie. Simon and Graham can be dangerous once they start brainstorming and this concept is there Dream Creation. 

2013 Subaru eGames Launch Event Highlights
  • Race on the same course as Simon Whitfield and other top athletes 
  • 2013 event is a showcase event for the 2014 Subaru eGames
  • Canada's first Endurance Festival with Elite, Mass Participation and Youth Participants 
  • This years race is on a closed 800 meter course through downtown Barrie
  • SportsNet Coverage
  • eGames is evolving the world of endurance sports in Canada
What's in it for you in 2013?
  • Race for FREE
  • Race downtown in front of a cheering crowd... Really Cool
  • Limited to 50 people 
  • eGames Launch shirt and kit
 We are looking 15 athletes who will be true eGames competitors who will the 2 Mile Run, 45 Cycling Criterium and Triathlon... Is this YOU?

What are the 2014 Subaru eGames?
  • Canada's NEWEST, COOLEST, Endurance event
  • 2014 Event host include: Steve Bauer, Hilary Stellingwerf and Simon Whitfield
  • Just like the X-Games the eGames will feature new unique formats
  • Endurance Festival with Youth, Amateur, Elite and Mass Participation Events
  • 2014 events include Triathlon, Centurion Cycling, Running, Mountain Biking, Stand Up Paddling and a community walk
  • Ultimate athletes can do 3 events over the 4 day schedule accumulate points to be crowned the eGames champion in their age group
  • Each event will held in downtown Barrie in new formats with lot's of twist and turns
  • Very cool, exciting and always evolving
  • SportsNet coverage
  • Youth events to keep our kids moving and make it a family weekend
  • Streets filled with spectators cheering for you
  • Vendor expo village like you have never seen before
  • Jazz festival for your entertainment 
  • Stay tuned 2014 event formats and programs will be launched at this years event
Thank you so much for choosing the active, dedicated lifestyle you do.  Without athletes like you, an Epic event like eGames could not take place.  It is time to showcase your talents and do everything you have always dreamed of. Please RSVP as there are only 50 positions open per event.

Train, Race Have Fun,
Simon Whitfield and Graham Fraser
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The eGames? Ok, this could be interesting. Now to get more information... Well, there is very little online and no website that I can find. The presentation to the Barrie city council this past October revealed some ambitious plans for the city of Barrie, Ontario Canada. 

I have seen the event group Graham Fraser has started, Centurion Cycling, and have no doubt that he can pull off a great event. I'd love to see more information on the eGames. 

If the eGames are going to be compared to and positioned as the endurance sports version of the xGames, there certainly needs to be some marketing and hype to them.

I'm keeping my eye out.

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