Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Commuter Bikes vs. NYC Citi Bikes

If you live north of 60th Street in NYC and are interested in commuting or just rolling two wheels via the new NYC Citi Bike program, you are S.O.L. There are no stations on the Eastside or Westside north of 60th Street and none in the plans.

So, time to roll your own commuter bike or you could just stay inside.

Plenty of bicycle parking on the UWS! Henry's at 105th & Broadway just installed some great bicycling parking furniture in front of their restaurant.

 I've seen a few of these Fuji Cambridge bikes around. A nice looking ride.

If you are a bit more hardcore and want a performance rig that can fold and can be stored inside, this Tern Verge is pretty slick.

 This Linus Roadster ride parks near our building. Missing a few parts and some rust on the chain, but it gets ridden everyday.

On Long Island, our family rolls with Electras that we bought and rode while living in La Jolla, California. The trailer arm is a Trail-Gator that attaches to our son's bike and can be removed and secured to the side of my bike so he can ride.

I saw this custom Merenyi  posted on pinterest. Beautiful bike.
This Spot Brand Sprawl is my favorite! I ride a Spot Rocker Single Speed mountain bike and love the belt drive and the craftsmanship of the Spot bikes. Plus, they are from my home state of Colorado!
If you prefer, you could just stay inside on a stationary bike.

Happy Riding!

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